descriptionA Research OS
last changeWed, 21 Sep 2016 00:14:38 +0000 (19:14 -0500)
2016-09-21 Jack MillerEmbed ISRs at known address master
2016-09-20 Jack MillerSimplify EFI stub generation
2016-09-19 Jack MillerFix leaving trash
2016-09-19 Jack MillerFix interrupts
2016-09-19 Jack MillerMass convert NASM -> GNU as
2016-09-18 Jack Millervua: Improve bcstack windowing
2016-09-17 Jack Millervua: Primitive function call support
2016-09-17 Jack Millervua: Update some text artifacts
2016-09-17 Jack Millervua: Actually resolve upvalues to registers + flags
2016-09-17 Jack Millervua: Add A part hints, and UV hints to bc_dump
2016-09-17 Jack Millervua: Track variable writes
2016-09-17 Jack Millervua: Expand USET generation for all types
2016-09-16 Jack Millervua: Fix bc_dump for nested prototypes
2016-09-16 Jack Millervua: WIP: More UCLO handling, return fixups
2016-09-15 Jack Millervua: Implement return
2016-09-15 Jack Millervua: More complete prototype generation
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