descriptionA Research OS
last changeFri, 12 Apr 2019 17:05:39 +0000 (12:05 -0500)
10 days ago Jack MillerFix high interrupt ISRs master
10 days ago Jack MillerDetect ACPI 2.0 RSDP as well
10 days ago Jack MillerFix compilation with newer GCC
10 days ago Jack Millerapic: Minor cleanup
10 days ago Jack MillerFix reversed interrupt vector name
10 days ago Jack Millerobjcache: Fix free(NULL) and realloc()
10 days ago Jack Millertsc: Downgrade failed calibration to a warning
10 days ago Jack Millerirq: Fix prints, ignore spurious irq 15
10 days ago Jack Millermm: Fix alloc to physical bad page retry
10 days ago Jack Millermm: Correct page_alloc test
2016-12-17 Jack Millervua: Remove vua =P
2016-12-17 Jack Millertmp
2016-09-21 Jack Millervua: parser_state_t -> parser_t
2016-09-21 Jack MillerEmbed ISRs at known address
2016-09-20 Jack MillerSimplify EFI stub generation
2016-09-19 Jack MillerFix leaving trash
3 years ago long-mode
3 years ago page-alloc-and-vga
3 years ago the-null-kernel
10 days ago master