Fix reversed interrupt vector name
[viridis.git] / mm /
2019-04-12 Jack Millerobjcache: Fix free(NULL) and realloc()
2019-04-12 Jack Millermm: Fix alloc to physical bad page retry
2019-04-12 Jack Millermm: Correct page_alloc test
2016-08-27 Jack Millerobjcache: Actually bump allocate
2016-08-01 Jack Millermm: Fix page_alloc_free_phys return type + improper...
2016-08-01 Jack Millermm: Fix objcache_destroy iteration
2016-07-31 Jack Millermm: Fix objcache with inexact sizes
2016-07-15 Jack Millermm: Realloc shouldn't free the old block
2016-07-14 Jack Millermm: Fix page_vrealloc
2016-07-14 Jack Millermm: Fix __vmalloc_to_virtual
2016-06-08 Jack Millermm: CELL_SIZE -> OC_CELL_SIZE
2016-06-04 Jack Millermm: Detect bad memory from page_alloc_phys
2016-06-04 Jack Millermm: Fix underestimated overhead
2016-05-05 Jack Millerefi: Actually parse memory map
2016-05-04 Jack Millerboot: Get grub.h out of common includes
2016-05-04 Jack Millerplatform: Refactor page_alloc for platform memmap
2016-04-27 Jack MillerEnforce MAX_SIZE in objcache
2016-04-25 Jack MillerRework objcache
2016-04-25 Jack MillerFix domain test for new align behavior
2016-04-25 Jack MillerAlign virtual addresses by size
2016-04-25 Jack MillerNo need to derive value we just confirmed
2016-04-24 Jack MillerFix objcache get with unaligned object sizes
2016-04-24 Jack MillerStop sorting page alloc lists
2016-04-24 Jack MillerFix page allocator alignment
2016-04-24 Jack MillerMake sure we reserve the 0x2000 realmode entry page
2016-04-15 Jack MillerUse blocks as a list to track the page allocations
2016-04-15 Jack MillerReturn domain allocator to standard pointers
2016-04-13 Jack MillerAdd fullmem test
2016-04-13 Jack MillerFix vfree() call to use pages
2016-04-12 Jack MillerFix a couple of page alloc bugs
2016-04-07 Jack MillerEnforce page alignment on vfree
2016-04-07 Jack MillerFix BIOS reserves
2016-04-06 Jack MillerFix double alloc in map_check
2016-04-06 Jack MillerFix page_alloc_free_phys
2016-04-06 Jack MillerEnable page alloc test, add fullmem test stub
2016-04-06 Jack MillerExpand domain allocator tests, with fixes
2016-04-05 Jack MillerConvert objcache test to assert()
2016-04-05 Jack MillerConvert page alloc test to assert()
2016-04-05 Jack MillerAdd assert() to test.h, convert domain test to use it
2016-04-05 Jack MillerSecond draft of page_vrealloc
2016-04-05 Jack MillerFix non-vsalloc domain allocation bump
2016-04-05 Jack MillerLet domain allocator merge, enforce vsalloc page granul...
2016-03-31 Jack MillerObjcache testing
2016-03-29 Jack MillerMassive indent run, tabs to space -linux -nut -ts4 -i4
2016-03-29 Jack MillerRemove empty {} from test whiles
2016-03-29 Jack MillerMinor #define move
2016-03-29 Jack MillerModify the domain allocator back to O(n)
2016-03-28 Jack MillerMove objcache test func
2016-03-28 Jack MillerImplement objcache free
2016-03-28 Jack MillerFirst draft of objcache code
2016-03-28 Jack MillerApologies in domain.c =/
2016-03-27 Jack MillerSpacing
2016-03-27 Jack MillerMake free use __search
2016-03-27 Jack MillerRefactor domain allocator to expose search
2016-03-27 Jack MillerFirst draft of page_v* allocator funcs
2016-03-27 Jack MillerConvert domain allocator to use offsets, not pointers
2016-03-27 Jack MillerAdd general domain allocator, convert vsalloc to one
2016-03-27 Jack MillerSplit spinlock defines
2016-03-27 Jack MillerAdd map virt to phys helper
2016-03-26 Jack Millerspinlock the page allocator
2016-03-25 Jack MillerReserve big kernel space / stack space on vsalloc_init
2016-03-25 Jack MillerMove reset_cr3() to inline asm
2016-03-25 Jack MillerPut CPU kernel stacks at known locations
2016-03-25 Jack MillerKeep refactoring headers
2016-03-25 Jack MillerAbstract smp_wake from ACPI
2016-03-25 Jack MillerRemove always true comparison
2016-03-25 Jack MillerAnother page alloc init clarification
2016-03-25 Jack MillerPare down page_alloc init memory range
2016-03-21 Jack MillerMass convert vmalloc -> vsalloc
2016-03-21 Jack MillerEnsure mapped page virtuals don't set weird bits
2016-03-20 Jack MillerRefactor map functions, add unmap
2016-03-20 Jack MillerFix merging page frees into empty order lists
2016-03-19 Jack MillerAdd more mapping helpers (nocache, summarize)
2016-03-19 Jack MillerFix vmalloc iterating on address hint page-alloc-and-vga
2016-03-19 Jack MillerPage granularity allocators, basic printk, banner print