Fix reversed interrupt vector name
[viridis.git] / include / memmap.h
2016-09-21 Jack MillerEmbed ISRs at known address
2016-06-04 Jack Millermm: Detect bad memory from page_alloc_phys
2016-05-05 Jack Millerefi: Enable EFI calls in our kernel context
2016-05-05 Jack Millermemmap: 16 byte align our initial stack value
2016-04-24 Jack MillerMake sure we reserve the 0x2000 realmode entry page
2016-04-07 Jack MillerFix BIOS reserves
2016-03-29 Jack MillerMassive indent run, tabs to space -linux -nut -ts4 -i4
2016-03-27 Jack MillerAdd general domain allocator, convert vsalloc to one
2016-03-25 Jack MillerClarify STACK(cpu) macros (fixes early stack)
2016-03-25 Jack MillerReserve big kernel space / stack space on vsalloc_init
2016-03-25 Jack MillerPut CPU kernel stacks at known locations
2016-03-25 Jack MillerBit of memmap.h cleanup
2016-03-25 Jack MillerKeep refactoring headers
2016-03-21 Jack MillerMass convert vmalloc -> vsalloc
2016-03-21 Jack MillerACPI, get far enough to parse MADT
2016-03-19 Jack MillerMass convert headers to use pragma once
2016-03-19 Jack MillerPage granularity allocators, basic printk, banner print