2015-07-23 Jack Miller0.9.4 v0.9.4
2015-07-23 Jack MillerShould not wait on locks for queued writes
2015-07-22 Jack MillerForce add/edit plugins to explicitly return tag lists
2015-07-22 Jack MillerHandle exceptions on disconnect
2015-07-22 Jack Millersync-inoreader: more missing item fixes
2015-07-22 Jack Millersync-inoreader remove comment
2015-07-22 Jack MillerUseful return with RWLock release
2015-07-22 Jack MillerQueue writes when socket is full
2015-07-17 Jack Miller0.9.3 v0.9.3
2015-07-17 Jack Millersync-inoreader: fix leaving dead items
2015-07-17 Jack Millersync-rsync: don't hold feed lock while waiting on new...
2015-07-17 Jack MillerFix
2015-07-16 Jack Miller0.9.2
2015-07-16 Jack MillerPer-socket r/w locks
2015-07-16 Jack MillerRemove work_done hook
2015-07-16 Jack MillerRework get_attributes to have fewer loops
2015-07-15 Jack MillerOnly send an AUTOATTR response if necessary
2015-07-15 Jack MillerOnly take locks for socket transforms when necessary
2015-07-15 Jack MillerChange hook information storage
2015-07-13 Jack MillerDo work_done hook before causing sync()
2015-07-13 Jack MillerRework feed.index for fewer loops
2015-07-12 Jack MillerDon't reparse the config on tag.collapsed change
2015-07-12 Jack MillerPrevent duplicate watch sockets
2015-07-11 Jack MillerDon't decode fragments, only whole messages
2015-07-05 Jack MillerFix EINTR with new fragless code
2015-06-29 Jack Millersync-inoreader: requests should timeout
2015-06-24 Jack MillerBrush up manpages
2015-06-24 Jack MillerXDG Support
2015-06-23 Jack MillerMake sure we are using the length of the encoded string...
2015-06-19 Jack MillerDon't run deferred fetch threads for dead feeds
2015-06-19 Jack MillerInoreader sync: fixes for dupe finding
2015-06-18 Jack MillerMake filter_read default
2015-06-18 Jack MillerInoreader sync: work harder to avoid dupes
2015-06-18 Jack MillerAllow feed plugins to remove items
2015-06-18 Jack MillerFix Inoreader sub sync with duplicate names
2015-06-18 Jack MillerFix dead imports
2015-06-18 Jack Millerreddit: trim the json data
2015-06-17 Jack MillerThread limit fetching
2015-06-17 Jack MillerGive feed objects better string representation
2015-06-17 Jack MillerRemove unused constant
2015-06-17 Jack MillerStop using shelve
2015-06-16 Jack MillerRemove extraneous debug
2015-06-16 Jack MillerRefactor tag handling on feed index and setattributes
2015-06-16 Jack MillerStop paginating items
2015-06-16 Jack MillerChange how protocol messages are sent.
2015-06-16 Jack MillerDo transforms on tag changes instead of on ITEMS
2015-06-15 Jack MillerFeed index: convert items to IDs later
2015-06-13 Jack MillerUpdate manpage plugins sections
2015-06-11 Jack MillerInoreader sync: better auth/error handling
2015-06-08 Jack MillerAdd canto-remote status command to print item counts
2015-06-08 Jack MillerUpdate remote user agent
2015-06-08 Jack MillerMinor help text fix in remote
2015-06-08 Jack MillerFix breaking URL limit in Inoreader sync
2015-06-07 Jack MillerInoreader sync v0.3
2015-06-06 Jack MillerUse new additems plugin hook for Inoreader
2015-06-06 Jack MillerAdd an additems plugin hook in feeds
2015-06-06 Jack MillerFix sync-rsync with global config
2015-06-06 Jack MillerAdd program checks to sync-inoreader and reddit plugins
2015-06-06 Jack MillerMerge and
2015-06-05 Jack MillerAdd check_program for plugins
2015-06-05 Jack MillerPrefix Inoreader attributes with canto-
2015-06-05 Jack MillerFix some log.debug breakage
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-06-03 Jack MillerInoreader sync better item matching
2015-06-03 Jack MillerFix some stuck Inoreader synchronized items
2015-06-02 Jack MillerInoreader sync fixes
2015-06-02 Jack MillerInoreader sync v0.2
2015-06-02 Jack MillerAllow feed edit_* plugins to declare add / remove tags
2015-06-02 Jack MillerRevert "Give canto-* attributes priority if it came...
2015-06-01 Jack MillerTrim Inoreader sync to 200 items
2015-06-01 Jack MillerRemove experimental TT-RSS server
2015-06-01 Jack MillerInoreader synchronization plugin v0.1
2015-06-01 Jack MillerFix internal delconfig
2015-06-01 Jack MillerMake config globally available
2015-06-01 Jack MillerTypo fix populating tags from old items
2015-06-01 Jack MillerGive canto-* attributes priority if it came from fetch...
2015-01-09 Jack Miller0.9.1 v0.9.1
2015-01-09 Jack MillerAdd hook test
2015-01-09 Jack MillerTrim empty hooks on removals
2015-01-08 Jack MillerWorkaround feedparser issue 283 (fix basic auth feeds)
2014-12-03 Jack MillerKeep all items on empty new content
2014-11-27 Jack MillerAdd experimental TT-RSS server compatibility plugin
2014-11-24 Jack MillerAdd feed.index test
2014-11-24 Jack MillerJust remove all items and re-add them on index
2014-11-24 Jack MillerProperly queue up tags for old items
2014-11-24 Jack MillerKey hooks for mass removal
2014-11-19 Jack Miller0.9.0 v0.9.0
2014-11-17 Jack MillerFix populating user tags on index()
2014-11-17 Jack MillerKeep needs_update() from hitting the shelf
2014-11-15 Jack MillerRemove pointless fetch timer
2014-11-15 Jack MillerPass client verbosity onto daemon if forked
2014-11-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date
2014-10-29 Jack MillerAdd non-blocking support to RWLock
2014-10-29 Jack Millertry_plugins may now return error string
2014-10-29 Jack MillerMinor logging / buffer sizing tweak
2014-09-28 Jack MillerUse timestamps instead of ticking for sync
2014-09-28 Jack MillerDatabase mod times should be UTC
2014-09-26 Jack Millerv0.9.0-alpha5 v0.9.0-alpha5
2014-09-25 Jack MillerBrush up manpages
2014-09-25 Jack MillerFailure to parse global_transform is now fatal