Thread limit fetching
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2015-06-15 Jack MillerFeed index: convert items to IDs later
2015-01-09 Jack MillerAdd hook test
2015-01-08 Jack MillerWorkaround feedparser issue 283 (fix basic auth feeds)
2014-12-03 Jack MillerKeep all items on empty new content
2014-11-24 Jack MillerAdd feed.index test
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-07-12 Jack MillerFix dropped CONFIG on change
2011-07-12 Jack MillerConvert test feeds BD to gdbm
2011-05-13 Jack MillerCleanup any test /tmp XML files
2011-04-22 Jack MillerBroaden SETATTR TAGCHANGES
2011-04-21 Jack MillerAdd WATCHTAGS test.
2011-03-25 Jack MillerEliminate TAG_CHANGE spam.
2011-03-24 Jack MillerProtocol 0.2, update tag representation.
2011-03-18 Jack MillerRectify tests for tag changes, fix 2xkeep.
2011-03-12 Jack MillerAdd config escape test.
2011-03-10 Jack MillerAdd WATCHCONFIGS test.
2011-02-28 Jack MillerCorrect sort test script header.
2011-02-24 Jack MillerKeep 2x the natural number of items in the feed on...
2011-02-24 Jack MillerAdd -n/--nofetch arg and UPDATE command.
2011-02-22 Jack MillerCleanup .canto_socket in tests
2011-02-22 Jack MillerAdd alphabetical sort transform + test
2011-02-22 Jack MillerStart of blackbox testing.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerAllow new stuff to coexist with old canto.
2010-06-30 Jack MillerTest for ATTRIBUTES
2010-06-13 Jack MillerDo initial index on feed instantiation.
2010-06-07 Jack MillerCorrect header.
2010-06-07 Jack MillerMake more flexible.
2010-06-07 Jack MillerMore complete ITEMs test
2010-06-07 Jack MillerMissing test: clear_tags()
2010-06-06 Jack MillerWhole lot of noise implementing ITEMS and related tests.
2010-06-06 Jack MillerAdd tag tracking capabilities.
2010-06-06 Jack MillerHave Feed() actually start tracking items =)
2010-06-04 Jack MillerImprove some tests, test listfeeds
2010-05-31 Jack ->, fix tests.
2010-05-30 Jack Millerlog -> daemonlog, cleanups
2010-05-30 Jack MillerEnfore only one canto-daemon per directory.
2010-05-30 Jack MillerAdd pid to tracked files
2010-05-30 Jack MillerEnsure file permissions too.
2010-05-30 Jack MillerBackend improvements.
2010-05-06 Jack MillerAdd client/server/protocol
2010-03-30 Jack MillerRework tests to use unittest
2010-03-20 Jack MillerAdd generic escape formatter generator
2010-03-20 Jack MillerMake open/close explicit
2010-03-20 Jack MillerStart updating shelf, rate aware.
2010-03-19 Jack MillerAdd bozo_exception handling + test.
2010-03-19 Jack MillerAdd actual HTTP Canto-fetch test.
2010-03-19 Jack MillerAdd bad canto-fetch test
2010-03-19 Jack MillerAdd start of canto-fetch
2010-03-19 Jack MillerAdd basic config parser
2010-03-19 Jack MillerAdd separate test cleanup stage.
2010-03-19 Jack MillerBetter directory layout