Make sure we are using the length of the encoded string in the protocol
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2015-01-09 Jack Miller0.9.1 v0.9.1
2014-11-19 Jack Miller0.9.0 v0.9.0
2014-09-26 Jack Millerv0.9.0-alpha5 v0.9.0-alpha5
2014-09-15 Jack Millerv0.9.0-alpha4 v0.9.0-alpha4
2014-09-13 Jack MillerStart installing plugins to [prefix]/lib/canto/plugins
2014-09-12 Jack Miller0.9.0-alpha3 v0.9.0-alpha3
2014-09-11 Jack Millerv0.9.0-alpha2
2014-09-09 Jack MillerAdd git hashes to -V output
2014-08-16 Jack MillerMake executable
2014-08-13 Jack MillerAdd systemd user service file for canto-daemon
2014-07-15 Jack MillerBump version to 0.9.0-rc1
2013-03-06 Jack MillerBump version to 0.8.2 v0.8.2
2012-07-21 Jack MillerAdd proper versioning.
2012-07-19 Jack MillerAdd basic manpages for daemon and remote
2010-09-08 Jack MillerAdd canto-remote.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerAllow new stuff to coexist with old canto.
2010-06-30 Jack MillerRemove canto binary
2010-05-30 Jack MillerAdd