sync-inoreader: quiet debug, fix exception return
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2015-07-27 Jack Millersync-inoreader: quiet debug, fix exception return
2015-07-22 Jack MillerForce add/edit plugins to explicitly return tag lists
2015-07-22 Jack Millersync-inoreader: more missing item fixes
2015-07-22 Jack Millersync-inoreader remove comment
2015-07-17 Jack Millersync-inoreader: fix leaving dead items
2015-06-29 Jack Millersync-inoreader: requests should timeout
2015-06-19 Jack MillerInoreader sync: fixes for dupe finding
2015-06-18 Jack MillerInoreader sync: work harder to avoid dupes
2015-06-18 Jack MillerFix Inoreader sub sync with duplicate names
2015-06-15 Jack MillerFeed index: convert items to IDs later
2015-06-11 Jack MillerInoreader sync: better auth/error handling
2015-06-08 Jack MillerFix breaking URL limit in Inoreader sync
2015-06-07 Jack MillerInoreader sync v0.3
2015-06-06 Jack MillerUse new additems plugin hook for Inoreader
2015-06-06 Jack MillerAdd program checks to sync-inoreader and reddit plugins
2015-06-05 Jack MillerPrefix Inoreader attributes with canto-
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-06-03 Jack MillerInoreader sync better item matching
2015-06-03 Jack MillerFix some stuck Inoreader synchronized items
2015-06-02 Jack MillerInoreader sync fixes
2015-06-02 Jack MillerInoreader sync v0.2
2015-06-01 Jack MillerTrim Inoreader sync to 200 items
2015-06-01 Jack MillerInoreader synchronization plugin v0.1