Make sure we are using the length of the encoded string in the protocol
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2015-06-23 Jack MillerMake sure we are using the length of the encoded string...
2015-06-18 Jack MillerFix dead imports
2015-06-16 Jack MillerChange how protocol messages are sent.
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2014-11-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date
2014-10-29 Jack MillerMinor logging / buffer sizing tweak
2014-09-11 Jack MillerRemove h and help options from common args
2014-09-11 Jack MillerFixed plugin control arg parsing
2014-09-09 Jack MillerGiving --port without --address now assumes address...
2014-09-09 Jack MillerStandardize arg parsing
2014-08-07 Jack MillerExpand poll select flags
2014-08-05 Jack MillerCleanup thread debug output
2014-05-14 Jack MillerReturn socket from client connect
2014-05-12 Jack MillerPrefix hooks
2012-10-10 Jack MillerImproper use of error object (rare)
2012-05-13 Jack MillerHardent client code for multiple connections.
2012-05-11 Jack MillerLogging tweak.
2012-02-07 Jack MillerFurther py3 fixes
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-12-14 Jack MillerMove protocol to JSON
2011-05-30 Jack MillerWrap poll.register, HUP on exception.
2011-05-18 Jack MillerEintr count screw up.
2011-05-16 Jack MillerFix bad concurrency bug.
2011-05-16 Jack MillerAdd detection for rare write loop.
2011-04-28 Jack MillerWrap send/recv instead of relying on higher level code.
2011-04-23 Jack MillerBetter connection awareness / reconnect support
2011-03-10 Jack MillerMove POLLHUP handler to get fragments.
2011-01-28 Jack MillerRemove pointless common log line.
2011-01-26 Jack MillerWrap writes in EINTR exception handling.
2010-11-24 Jack MillerAllow canto-daemon to run on an inet port.
2010-11-04 Jack MillerLog cleanup.
2010-10-20 Jack Miller10 second wait on server connection.
2010-09-03 Jack MillerRemove 2.6 syntax.
2010-09-02 Jack MillerMore precise response thread error handling.
2010-08-21 Jack MillerPotential fix for socket exception.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerAllow new stuff to coexist with old canto.