Thread limit fetching
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2015-06-17 Jack MillerThread limit fetching
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-01-08 Jack MillerWorkaround feedparser issue 283 (fix basic auth feeds)
2014-11-17 Jack MillerKeep needs_update() from hitting the shelf
2014-11-15 Jack MillerRemove pointless fetch timer
2014-11-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date
2014-09-08 Jack MillerMemory usage improvements.
2014-09-05 Jack MillerFix index work
2014-08-15 Jack MillerSpawn FetchThreads to populate items from disk only
2014-08-05 Jack MillerCleanup thread debug output
2014-07-17 Jack MillerUpdate user-agent version / URL
2014-07-17 Jack MillerCleanup cleanup =P
2014-07-15 Jack MillerMore lock tweaks, comment update
2014-05-14 Jack MillerFeedparser should timeout
2014-05-12 Jack MillerPrefix hooks
2014-05-10 Jack MillerMinor fixes - work_done hook called from fetch thread
2014-05-09 Jack MillerFirst stab at proper coarse multithreading
2012-07-19 Jack MillerChange URLs in manpages
2012-02-07 Jack MillerUpdate feedparser invocation.
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2012-01-26 Jack MillerAdd missing traceback import
2011-08-10 Jack MillerDaemonize threads
2011-08-08 Jack MillerRevamp configuration.
2011-07-03 Jack MillerEnabled FetchThread Plugins
2011-06-19 Jack MillerAdd force-update ability.
2011-03-07 Jack MillerKeep DB persistently open.
2011-02-22 Jack MillerStart of blackbox testing.
2011-01-27 Jack MillerAdd password protected feed support
2010-11-04 Jack MillerLog cleanup.
2010-09-09 Jack MillerMake c-f function on conf.feeds.
2010-09-02 Jack MillerProcess updates piecemeal.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerAllow new stuff to coexist with old canto.