Force add/edit plugins to explicitly return tag lists
[canto-next.git] / canto_next /
2015-07-22 Jack MillerForce add/edit plugins to explicitly return tag lists
2015-07-16 Jack MillerRemove work_done hook
2015-07-16 Jack MillerRework get_attributes to have fewer loops
2015-07-13 Jack MillerRework feed.index for fewer loops
2015-06-19 Jack MillerDon't run deferred fetch threads for dead feeds
2015-06-18 Jack MillerAllow feed plugins to remove items
2015-06-18 Jack MillerFix dead imports
2015-06-17 Jack MillerGive feed objects better string representation
2015-06-16 Jack MillerRefactor tag handling on feed index and setattributes
2015-06-15 Jack MillerFeed index: convert items to IDs later
2015-06-06 Jack MillerAdd an additems plugin hook in feeds
2015-06-05 Jack MillerFix some log.debug breakage
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-06-02 Jack MillerAllow feed edit_* plugins to declare add / remove tags
2015-06-02 Jack MillerRevert "Give canto-* attributes priority if it came...
2015-06-01 Jack MillerTypo fix populating tags from old items
2015-06-01 Jack MillerGive canto-* attributes priority if it came from fetch...
2014-12-03 Jack MillerKeep all items on empty new content
2014-11-24 Jack MillerJust remove all items and re-add them on index
2014-11-24 Jack MillerProperly queue up tags for old items
2014-11-17 Jack MillerFix populating user tags on index()
2014-11-17 Jack MillerKeep needs_update() from hitting the shelf
2014-11-15 Jack MillerRemove pointless fetch timer
2014-11-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date
2014-09-15 Jack MillerMore lock tweaks
2014-09-14 Jack MillerBetter exception handling in locks
2014-09-14 Jack Millerget_attributes loop should break
2014-09-14 Jack MillerAllow return all attributes
2014-09-12 Jack MillerFix expanding feed file
2014-09-11 Jack MillerProtection is eliminated.
2014-09-09 Jack MillerDELTAGs are now only issued for feeds that have been...
2014-09-09 Jack MillerAlias description and summary
2014-09-08 Jack MillerMemory usage improvements.
2014-09-05 Jack MillerFix index work
2014-09-05 Jack MillerFeed indexing should count as "work"
2014-09-04 Jack MillerAdd 'control' key to database
2014-08-22 Jack Millerwlock/wunlock_all needs to hold feed_lock write
2014-08-16 Jack MillerFix sweep_tags
2014-08-15 Jack MillerFix exploding feed database
2014-08-15 Jack MillerShrink the window in which index() holds tag and protec...
2014-08-15 Jack MillerMore logging scale back
2014-08-15 Jack MillerMissed an instance of _cacheitem
2014-08-15 Jack MillerScale back the logging in index()
2014-08-15 Jack MillerFix long-standing forgetfulness
2014-08-13 Jack MillerShutdown tweaks
2014-08-08 Jack MillerOldfeed.items has to be iterable, even if empty.
2014-08-08 Jack MillerAdd individual tag infrastructure
2014-08-08 Jack MillerRemove assert decorators
2014-07-26 Jack MillerAdd lock assertion decorators
2014-07-15 Jack MillerMore lock tweaks, comment update
2014-06-20 Jack MillerClear up feed_lock confusion
2014-06-13 Jack MillerMake feed locks internal, expand locking in .index()
2014-05-13 Jack MillerFix add_tag now assumes lock
2014-05-12 Jack MillerAdd "daemon_new_item" hook, for plugin use
2014-05-12 Jack MillerMore correct locking
2014-05-10 Jack MillerFix self.items == None
2014-05-09 Jack MillerFirst stab at proper coarse multithreading
2014-04-29 Jack MillerFix forgotten items on config change from 875d2b9a
2014-04-29 Jack MillerIf restoring an old feed, grab old items
2013-03-05 Jack MillerReplace unused feed.keep with used time based keep
2013-03-05 Jack MillerConvert to time based discard.
2012-09-27 Jack MillerAdd Google Reader sync plugin [EXPERIMENTAL]
2012-07-27 Jack MillerFix possible feed forgetfulness. v0.8.1
2012-07-19 Jack MillerStub bugged/empty feeds with no previous items.
2012-02-07 Jack MillerFurther py3 fixes
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-12-14 Jack MillerMove protocol to JSON
2011-08-30 Jack MillerProper solution for minor memory fix.
2011-08-26 Jack MillerDitch the hanging reference to old items.
2011-08-08 Jack MillerRevamp configuration.
2011-07-15 Jack MillerMore logical tag handling, extra_tags
2011-07-03 Jack MillerFix missing import
2011-06-19 Jack MillerEnable feed editing plugins.
2011-05-06 Jack MillerRemove unidentifiable stories, instead of skip
2011-03-18 Jack MillerModify tag system, add feed tags.
2011-03-18 Jack MillerTweak the item keeping logic.
2011-03-07 Jack MillerKeep DB persistently open.
2011-02-24 Jack MillerKeep 2x the natural number of items in the feed on...
2011-01-27 Jack MillerAdd OPML export to c-r
2011-01-27 Jack MillerAdd password protected feed support
2010-11-23 Jack MillerAdd dynamic new / del tags + remote support.
2010-11-04 Jack MillerLog cleanup.
2010-10-14 Jack MillerFix backtrace on unknown arg.
2010-09-09 Jack MillerMake c-f function on conf.feeds.
2010-09-09 Jack MillerReparse the c-d config on config change.
2010-09-09 Jack MillerMove allfeeds operations into proper class.
2010-08-17 Jack MillerModify protection to use hooks.
2010-08-12 Jack MillerProtect committed items from being discarded.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerAllow new stuff to coexist with old canto.