Add theme-default plugin
[canto-curses.git] / tests /
2014-12-17 Jack MillerAdd selection preservation test
2014-12-16 Jack MillerTagcore script should include PING -> PONG
2014-12-15 Jack MillerMake summarize + collapse tests functional
2014-12-15 Jack MillerUpdate test wait to use gui.working
2014-12-15 Jack MillerMake curses tests output log to stdout
2014-11-26 Jack MillerReorganize test-screen
2014-11-25 Jack MillerExpand screen test to test :color
2014-11-25 Jack MillerFix bad pair referencing in fake_curses
2014-11-25 Jack MillerRecord output of TestBackends
2014-11-25 Jack MillerTrack attributes in fake_curses
2014-11-24 Jack MillerBasic overall testing environment
2014-11-24 Jack MillerAdd ability to generate stub item scripts
2014-11-24 Jack MillerAllow scripts to specify multiple responses
2014-11-24 Jack MillerAdd tagcore function test
2014-11-24 Jack MillerMove compare functions into Test base
2014-11-24 Jack MillerAdd config function test
2014-11-23 Jack MillerAdd config validator test
2014-11-23 Jack MillerAdd processed hook to TestBackend, fix inject
2014-11-22 Jack MillerImprove base test class
2014-11-22 Jack MillerMinor refactor
2014-11-22 Jack MillerBeginning of a test suite
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-05-29 Jack MillerUpdate tests for collapse header change.
2011-05-13 Jack MillerCorrect delfeed script comment.
2011-05-13 Jack MillerAdd test README
2011-05-13 Jack MillerFix tag delete bug
2011-05-12 Jack MillerAdd addfeed test
2011-05-12 Jack MillerC-C test harness initial commit.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerUpdate for alpha.
2010-06-25 Jack MillerStart hammering out input.
2010-06-24 Jack MillerGui init test.
2010-06-22 Jack MillerAdd wait_response test.
2010-06-22 Jack MillerAdd next_response lock test.
2010-06-13 Jack MillerMore FS paranoia.
2010-06-09 Jack MillerImprove test cleanliness.
2010-06-09 Jack MillerBasics