Fix test-tagcore-function for new init
[canto-curses.git] / plugins /
2015-06-13 Jack MillerAdd color/style reset option to theme-default
2015-06-13 Jack MillerInclude default tag theme in
2015-06-13 Jack MillerAdd theme-default plugin
2015-06-06 Jack MillerAdd check_program to curses plugins
2015-06-05 Jack MillerFixup so old parser imports
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-05-20 Jack MillerAdd "quiet" variable to shutup graphical log output
2015-05-17 Jack MillerMerge pull request #23 from dkasak/master
2015-05-12 Denis Fix problems with yanking shell metacharacters.
2014-11-17 Jack MillerTouch up smartlink docs
2014-10-29 Jack MillerAdd pdf example to smartlink
2014-10-29 Jack MillerUncomment smartlink opening notification
2014-10-28 Jack MillerAdd "smartlink" plugin for advanced link fetching
2014-09-25 Jack MillerUpdate autocmd browser example
2014-09-14 Jack MillerAdd reader-extras plugin
2014-09-12 Jack MillerAdd autocmd plugin
2014-09-09 Jack MillerAdd curses_start hook
2014-08-28 Jack MillerImprove xtermtitle plugin
2014-08-14 Jack MillerAdd xtermtitle plugin
2014-08-10 Jack MillerAdd favorites plugin
2014-08-10 Jack MillerMinor yank plugin cleanup
2014-08-08 Jack MillerAllow plugins to do non-destructive key binds
2014-08-08 Jack MillerUpdate yank plugin
2013-05-04 Jack MillerAdd yank plugin