%C escape suspends colors as well as attributes
[canto-curses.git] / canto_curses / theme.py
2015-03-24 Jack Miller%C escape suspends colors as well as attributes
2015-03-23 Jack MillerFix butchering 0 width space characters (\n)
2015-03-17 Jack MillerBetter handling of invalid multi-byte sequences
2014-11-27 Jack MillerDon't throw exception on improper theme %0
2014-11-25 Jack MillerTheme + color fixes and tweaks
2014-08-10 Jack MillerRefactor drawing logic
2014-08-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date in headers
2014-07-25 Jack MillerEnable long color codes in format strings
2013-04-11 Jack MillerCatch rare exception, downgrade some error logging.
2012-09-25 Jack MillerAdd old canto border support
2012-07-20 Jack MillerReset theme counters after each block is drawn.
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-04-20 Jack MillerAdd border logic.
2010-09-16 Jack MillerBetter bad spacing handling for reader.
2010-08-19 Jack MillerProspective sleo fix pt. 2
2010-08-09 Jack MillerUpdate for alpha.
2010-07-30 Jack MillerFix minor indentation issue.
2010-07-30 Jack MillerAllow theme_print to handle pre/post strings
2010-07-02 Jack MillerFix theme_process
2010-07-01 Jack MillerMake margins a bit cleaner.
2010-07-01 Jack MillerAdd theme_process to handle codes without printing...
2010-06-30 Jack MillerStart handling non-color text attributes.
2010-06-29 Jack MillerAvoid line-shifting when enumerating items.
2010-06-28 Jack MillerSnapshot
2010-06-27 Jack MillerStart using defined colors.
2010-06-27 Jack MillerMore efficient TagList drawing, some commands, etc.
2010-06-25 Jack MillerMake theme_print avoid splitting words.
2010-06-24 Jack MillerUntested snapshot