%C escape suspends colors as well as attributes
[canto-curses.git] / canto_curses / tag.py
2015-03-24 Jack Miller%C escape suspends colors as well as attributes
2015-01-09 Jack MillerDon't count items already in interface as pending updates
2014-12-17 Jack MillerToss undead former selections faster
2014-11-25 Jack MillerAdd indicator of pending updates to tag header
2014-11-23 Jack MillerSort Tags() after a reset has occurred
2014-11-23 Jack MillerEliminate config-managed alltags
2014-11-23 Jack MillerUse new hook mass unloading
2014-11-16 Jack MillerFix offset initializations
2014-11-16 Jack MillerFix update.style maintain
2014-09-25 Jack MillerConfig setting overhaul
2014-09-14 Jack MillerMerge var_lock into config_lock
2014-09-13 Jack MillerKeep selection in interface, no matter what
2014-09-13 Jack MillerGive story and tag objects is_tag value
2014-09-12 Jack MillerMonster command commit
2014-08-24 Jack MillerPropagate die() on deleted tag
2014-08-18 Jack MillerFix busy-ness in tag update
2014-08-15 Jack MillerImprove var_locking
2014-08-10 Jack MillerFix missing extra_lines
2014-08-10 Jack MillerFix slow tag header render
2014-08-10 Jack MillerRefactor drawing logic
2014-08-10 Jack Millertry_eval and try_parse are common to parser
2014-08-10 Jack MillerAllow conditionals in pre and post
2014-08-09 Jack MillerAdd pre and post hooks for plugin format stuff
2014-08-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date in headers
2014-07-25 Jack MillerEnable long color codes in format strings
2014-07-11 Jack MillerMake tag_by_item O(1) instead of O(n)
2014-06-03 Jack MillerTie sync into gui thread
2014-06-01 Jack MillerHook scrutiny + fixes
2014-05-31 Jack MillerHook up WINCH, speed up artificial sync timer
2014-05-30 Jack MillerFix trying to redraw with old item info
2014-05-28 Jack MillerThreading fixes #1
2014-05-23 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #2: working basic input
2014-05-22 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #1: working initial display
2014-05-12 Jack MillerPrefix hooks
2012-10-21 Jack MillerAdd extra_tags list to tag format variables
2012-10-21 Jack MillerProper redraw of tag header when items are updated.
2012-09-26 Jack MillerRemove extraneous tag new line.
2012-09-25 Jack MillerAdd old canto border support
2012-07-20 Jack MillerReset theme counters after each block is drawn.
2012-07-20 Jack MillerAdd theme flexibility to tags
2012-03-01 Jack MillerFix exception formatting exceptions.
2012-03-01 Jack MillerRevert "Add clear-attributes to start of tag format"
2012-03-01 Jack MillerAdd clear-attributes to start of tag format
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-12-19 Jack MillerModify format strings to ensure color 0 is active on...
2011-08-30 Jack MillerFix tag enumeration change refresh
2011-08-21 Jack MillerCorrect tag option validation.
2011-08-20 Jack MillerLazily prep strings for display.
2011-08-20 Jack MillerRevert to . based variable definitions.
2011-08-09 Jack MillerFix unupdated tag headers
2011-08-08 Jack MillerConvert to JSON internal config
2011-07-12 Jack MillerMerge branch 'master' of codezen.org:/var/www/codezen...
2011-07-10 Jack MillerRestore full tag header + format option
2011-06-22 Jack MillerImplement update.style
2011-06-18 Jack MillerSearch functionality.
2011-05-29 Jack MillerRe-introduce collapse (default to toggle: c)
2011-05-13 Jack MillerFix tag delete bug
2011-05-12 Jack MillerFix tag.die() declaration
2011-04-21 Jack MillerFix tag.remove_items()
2011-04-21 Jack MillerEven more drawing efficiency.
2011-04-20 Jack MillerMassive drawing rework.
2011-04-12 Jack MillerHook based item add / remove
2011-03-25 Jack MillerUpdate all item list commands to be possibly relative.
2011-03-18 Jack MillerUse new per-socket transforms. Better refresh.
2011-03-18 Jack MillerSynchronize with c-d tag changes.
2010-11-04 Jack MillerRemove extra decoration.
2010-10-04 Jack MillerComplete the update cycle.
2010-08-22 Jack MillerMore variable renames.
2010-08-22 Jack MillerFix old variable name.
2010-08-04 Jack MillerMove enumeration in options (remembered)
2010-08-03 Jack MillerAdd canto-curses binary
2010-08-03 Jack MillerClass-per-file-ize the GUI