Fix input_box refresh() out of order resize
[canto-curses.git] / canto_curses /
2017-06-28 Jack MillerFix input_box refresh() out of order resize
2016-06-01 Jack MillerUpdate copyrights to 2016
2015-06-13 Jack MillerAllow "default" to be passed to :color
2015-06-09 Jack MillerMinor fix for :style help output
2015-06-09 Jack MillerAdd :style command
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMake :color work with symbolic color, improve help...
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-06-01 Jack MillerMake tab completion behave more like bash
2015-03-24 Jack MillerUnhide "color" command
2014-11-25 Jack MillerTheme + color fixes and tweaks
2014-10-30 Jack MillerFix trying to get key config for None window
2014-10-29 Jack MillerLet pause/unpause be done from anywhere
2014-10-17 Jack MillerDon't crash on die() if window is already dead
2014-10-17 Jack MillerKey input flush tweak
2014-10-17 Jack MillerStrip remaining old-style commands
2014-10-12 Jack MillerReplace readline completion
2014-10-02 Jack MillerAllow readline to deal with keypad stuff
2014-09-17 Jack MillerFix search prompts
2014-09-12 Jack MillerOnly dispel completion windows on completion break
2014-09-12 Jack MillerProper locking on window add / del
2014-09-12 Jack MillerMonster command commit
2014-08-22 Jack MillerDismiss Info/ErrorBoxes more aggressively.
2014-08-18 Jack MillerEnter should also accept current completion
2014-08-18 Jack MillerTrigger completion display on all completions
2014-08-18 Jack MillerSimplify readline setup
2014-08-09 Jack MillerMinor key fixes
2014-08-08 Jack MillerDon't eliminate entire completion on backspace
2014-08-08 Jack MillerNo more redisplay debug output
2014-08-08 Jack MillerCatch None return from new raw_readline
2014-08-07 Jack MillerFix triple-tab readline screen corruption.
2014-08-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date in headers
2014-07-26 Jack MillerHook up color command
2014-07-25 Jack MillerEliminate dump-screen command
2014-07-25 Jack MillerColor config improvements
2014-07-15 Jack MillerTake another stab at core completions
2014-07-11 Jack MillerFix readline input
2014-07-11 Jack MillerFlush input before getting a key
2014-07-10 Jack MillerFixup basic completions, correct delimiters
2014-07-01 Jack MillerFix backspace
2014-06-26 Jack MillerBetter subset of commands converted
2014-06-21 Jack MillerWorking completion snapshot
2014-06-07 Jack MillerEviscerate the command infrastructure
2014-05-31 Jack MillerHook up WINCH, speed up artificial sync timer
2014-05-30 Jack MillerThreading fixes #2
2014-05-27 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #3: readline + quit
2014-05-23 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #2: working basic input
2014-05-22 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #1: working initial display
2014-05-12 Jack MillerPrefix hooks
2012-11-19 Jack MillerFallback on standard getch if get_wch fails
2012-10-21 Jack MillerFix unicode input
2012-09-27 Jack MillerImprove focus capabilities.
2012-07-19 Jack MillerFix some resize cases.
2012-07-19 Jack MillerFix text boxes closing over unused space.
2012-05-14 Jack MillerEliminate redundant doupdate()
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2012-01-31 Jack MillerFix black background set with :color
2012-01-25 Jack MillerConsider blanks a failure in _first_term
2012-01-25 Jack MillerImprove cancellation
2011-12-20 Jack MillerAdd support for in-interface color changes on the fly
2011-12-20 Jack MillerRefactor color_translate
2011-09-20 Jack MillerShift bind logic, properly handle querying higher binds
2011-08-20 Jack MillerRevert to . based variable definitions.
2011-08-08 Jack MillerConvert to JSON internal config
2011-07-02 Jack MillerAdd tag-config
2011-07-01 Jack MillerEscape % in cmd_remote output
2011-06-18 Jack MillerUpdate to new plugin requirements.
2011-06-11 Jack MillerAdd edit command
2011-05-12 Jack MillerEmbed remote capabilities.
2011-05-12 Jack MillerC-C test harness initial commit.
2011-04-20 Jack MillerAdd border logic.
2011-04-12 Jack MillerAdd die() cleanup function to cleanup hooks.
2011-02-25 Jack MillerTurn on cursor for input.
2011-02-04 Jack MillerUse new c-d plugin framework, simplify cmds.
2010-10-23 Jack MillerHandle M- C- keybinds.
2010-09-08 Jack MillerMove window regeneration into subwindows()
2010-09-08 Jack MillerExtra color pair init info on exception.
2010-09-07 Jack MillerTrim partial renders and reader fullpads.
2010-09-03 Jack MillerMake colors configurable
2010-09-02 Jack MillerMove keybinds into the config.
2010-09-02 Jack MillerPerform partial render of floating windows.
2010-09-01 Jack MillerRestructure commands.
2010-08-30 Jack MillerClean some old test infrastructure + commentage.
2010-08-22 Jack MillerBetter reader / new window calling convention.
2010-08-20 Jack MillerPerform config validation / type checking.
2010-08-20 Jack MillerAdd floating window layer and alignment config.
2010-08-19 Jack MillerSupport text browsers.
2010-08-19 Jack MillerSwitch to polling in input thread.
2010-08-03 Jack MillerAdd canto-curses binary
2010-08-03 Jack MillerClass-per-file-ize the GUI