Fix input_box refresh() out of order resize
[canto-curses.git] / canto_curses /
2017-06-28 Jack MillerFix input_box refresh() out of order resize
2017-06-28 Jack MillerRemove unused content variable
2017-06-28 Jack MillerFix invisible cursor in input box
2016-06-01 Jack MillerUpdate copyrights to 2016
2016-06-01 Jack MillerFix completing empty command lines
2015-06-05 Jack MillerMass conversion to better log.debug use
2015-06-01 Jack MillerMake tab completion behave more like bash
2014-10-17 Jack MillerFix empty completions
2014-10-12 Jack MillerReplace readline completion
2014-10-05 Jack MillerFix backwards completion order
2014-10-02 Jack MillerAdd readline cursor tracking
2014-08-07 Jack MillerUpdate copyright date in headers
2014-07-15 Jack MillerTake another stab at core completions
2014-07-10 Jack MillerFixup basic completions, correct delimiters
2014-06-21 Jack MillerWorking completion snapshot
2014-05-27 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #3: readline + quit
2014-05-23 Jack MillerThreading snapshot #2: working basic input
2012-02-08 Jack MillerCleanup more encoding stuff (:remote)
2012-02-07 Jack MillerFix invisible characters in command line
2012-02-07 Jack MillerInitial port to Python 3
2011-06-22 Jack MillerBetter input prepend behavior.
2011-04-13 Jack MillerProperly handle forward char delete.
2011-04-13 Jack MillerHandle ascii.DEL for backspace
2011-02-04 Jack MillerUse new c-d plugin framework, simplify cmds.
2010-11-05 Jack MillerBetter name for
2010-08-21 Jack MillerMake GuiBase class for common functionality.
2010-08-20 Jack MillerAdd floating window layer and alignment config.
2010-08-09 Jack MillerUpdate for alpha.
2010-08-02 Jack MillerMay layout engine function on arbitrary window lists.
2010-08-01 Jack MillerMuch more flexible, complex layout engine.
2010-07-25 Jack MillerFix lost keys on SIGWINCH
2010-06-28 Jack MillerSnapshot
2010-06-27 Jack MillerSnapshot 6/27
2010-06-27 Jack MillerMore efficient TagList drawing, some commands, etc.
2010-06-25 Jack MillerUnicodify input, make all threads block indefinitely
2010-06-25 Jack MillerStart hammering out input.